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Welcome to The Trove!

The Trove entrance

A very important dream recently became a reality at the White Plains Public Library.  We have just completed construction on a new kind of Children's Library - named The Trove.

The Trove, defined as "a collection of valuable items discovered or found," is our new name to convey that experience in every sense.  It is precisely what the White Plains Public Library wants to be for our children - a fun, exciting place where they can discover just about anything.

The Trove opened October 23, 2005, and now provides an enticing, multi-media, multi-sensory learning experience that combines the traditional library with the feel of a bookstore and the stimulation of a children's museum.  It serves as a model in the tri-state area.

With these enhanced facilities, we will increase early childhood learning opportunities for children and families, enable more community partnerships and ultimately, ensure greater success for boys and girls throughout White Plains.